"We appreciate Artech’s in-depth knowledge of talent acquisition and the way Artech support our demands for IT. Artech turnaround time and quality of the profile is best in the industry. Artech’s technical, functional and market knowledge is immense which makes them trustworthy and expert in this field. Every time when we need on boarding on asap note, there comes Artech with robust of candidates finding talent faster than any other source.
Miles to go, All the best.”

"Artech plays a very crucial and stealth role in pillaring the placement cycle.
We are proud in having them engaged on board.
Kudos to team Artech,
Keep doing great work.”

"Happy with the talent management service provided by Artech. Artech has been able to provide us with appropriate resources within short notice in the past. Looking forward to a long fruitful association in future too.”

"Artech has consistently met the needs of my organization and often exceeds over expectations with the people they provide, the level of responsiveness and customer service they provide is superior. I routinely need quick action and turn-around times on open positions, and they have often succeeded. Secondly, I believe Artech has a great sense for our standards that enable them to make our preferred partner”

"Artech is one of the Top preferred Partner for Bosch,
They stand for quality of delivery and commitment towards their customer services.”

"I appreciate Artech’s in-depth knowledge and capabilities of talent acquisition and authentic service of providing staffing solutions. Irrespective of the short time period, your team holds the sincere capabilities to scale up as per hiring surges.

We have been working with Artech for the past few years during which you have provided us the talent management services, and successful implemented recruiting process for us with best of the resources. Your credibility in people skills, technical, functional and market knowledge is immense which makes them trustworthy and expert in this field.  

Overall as a team we are delighted with the service of support in the talent acquisition that has been consistently provided by Artech. We look forward for a longer association.”

"I have worked at Artech for three years now, and what I like best about this company is how focused it is on its people. I have a lot of freedom to set my goals and work towards them. Ideas are always welcomed and innovation is encouraged. Artech focuses on the employees' overall growth, not just professional performance. I truly appreciate all that I have learned from the fabulous people I've crossed paths with here. I am very proud to say that I am part of Artech”
Smita Singh, Sr. Executive

"At Artech, we believe in nurturing the leader in every individual. We maintain the philosophy of partnership approach, believing that very employee is a stakeholder. At Artech the managers believe in hiring better people than themselves. We value our employees’ ideas and inputs, as any idea can drive a change and make an impact. We are one team that shares the same goal, which is not only to gain knowledge, but to define our success by its implementation. I take pride in being a part of this company. Artech’s leadership team, with constant nurturing and guidance, takes us to new heights and helps us to achieve the common goal”
Ashish Singh, Vice President - CORE Operations