Staffing Management

Staffing Solution
At Artech we pride ourselves on high quality and timely deliverables. Our proven delivery model and unrivaled execution enable us to interpret and effectively respond to our clients' high-volume staffing requirements.

Payrolling & Compliance Management
Oftentimes, companies seek a supplier to assume the payroll processing, tax administration, and other obligatory employment functions in support of consultants.

Artech provides payrolling services, assuming management responsibility of the referred or pass-through consultants identified by the client. Artech's payrolling process includes complete validation, induction, and communication management.

Artech is as an exclusive payroll provider for several large corporations in addition to providing these clients with staff augmentation and transitioning services.
Artech prides itself on complete adherence to PLRA, local and global compliance, and audit readiness.

Workforce Transitioning
The transitioning of consultants or teams of consultants from one vendor to another is often the outcome of a vendor consolidation or de-selection activity.

Through a successful vendor consolidation program, the client reaps the advantages of engaging with fewer, more qualified suppliers. Benefits include:

  • Sourcing activities can be centralized and ultimately more efficient
  • There will not be vast disparities in fees
  • There will not be variances in contracts
  • There are limited candidate ownership questions; hence, less co-employment risk
  • Deliverables across the board will be more consistent

Artech concurs that the periodic assessment of suppliers is a necessary aspect of continuous improvement and due diligence in supply chain management. Ultimately, the best suppliers rise to the top when appraised according to KPIs and metrics-based performance. Artech has a team dedicated to the transitioning practice and is wholly proficient at assuming management responsibility and becoming the employer of record for a consultant, group of consultants, or project team previously on-boarded by another vendor. Artech is pleased to state that the company has often been the recipient of additional consultants after vendor consolidation programs and has transitioned nearly two thousand consultants from deselected suppliers over the past few years. Artech provides a smooth transition, extending client-specific benefits.

Team Deployment
Artech has extensive experience providing large- and medium-sized team installations and transitioning services to its clients. Artech has deployed teams for SOW projects as well as ongoing programs, and has transitioned hundreds of contractors and consultants from other vendors to its own team.

Artech provides a number of its Fortune 500 clients with smooth and seamless team deployment and transition services. Over the past two years, Artech has transitioned over a thousand IT consultants at data centers and other infrastructure facilities. Artech's primary objective is to assure its clients' project success and business continuity. Wherever a transition is necessary and approved, Artech will make strategic recommendations to its clients and assure that both the employees and clients experience a flawless handoff with no interruption to services.

The transition process has proven to accomplish long-term retention and motivation for these employees. Artech's time-tested and highly successful transition process ultimately benefits both the client and employees by transitioning the best candidates to the most appropriate positions and rates. It is in the best interest of the client and employees to have a quick and efficient transition process whenever a change is required.