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Human Resource Management System
Artech’s HRMS software is a solution to handle processes related to an employee in the organization. The process starts when a person joins the organization until separation of the employee.  It follows all statutory and compliance levels at different sub-system levels.
The integrated product has been designed in such a way that each module can work independently with the required features of that module. Upon integration, their availability is setup according to the modules integrated.
The product has three layers based on security. Database connections and all confidential information are stored in encrypted form.

Process Flow

Artech’s HRMS provides entire end-to-end cycle management of an employee in the organization.  The process begins from on-boarding and continues through to payroll and eventually to exit. Information is selected for each candidate for rolling out an offer. If the offer is accepted by the candidate, they are then converted to active employee and the system generates an appointment letter.  Portal users are created automatically at the time of converting the candidate to active employee. These mails help departments/ respective persons to arrange facilities required to a new employee thus smoothing the process of hiring. Increments can be defined starting from individual employee to the entire corporate organization. Increments can also be defined as percentage in one go. The last stage of the lifecycle for an employee is the exit process. Artech HRMS also generates lot of informative and useful reports like: new joiners, separated employees, and many more. The HRMS maintains a dashboard where all these activities can be monitored.

Artech’s HRMS gives a useful search facility, any application user can search employees based on employee code and/or name and will be able to view the entire employee record right at their fingertips.

Artech HRMS also allows HR users to generate a link where an employee can fill his PF related details pertaining to nomination, percentage of PF amount disbursement in the event of any incorrect information being entered. This has been done to avoid mistakes in data what PF department has and what employee fills at the time of PF withdrawal or transfers.

Payroll Management System & Employee Self Service
Payroll Management System
Artech’s web based payroll management system is very simple, flexible and user-friendly. Payroll management software takes care of all requirements related to accounting and management of employees’ Payroll.  The payroll management system stores complete records for all employees, generates pay-slips, computes all allowances and deductions, and generates all statutory and MIS reports.

Artech payroll has very high flexibility in defining various allowances, deductions, leave rules etc. for the employees and for PF, ESI, profession tax, income tax etc., are defined and deducted for each user.

Artech’s web payroll system is integrated software that has more than 20 Modules covering employee master, employee transactions, leave, payroll, income tax and statutory modules - PF, ESI and TDS. Artech’s web payroll gives tremendous flexibility. Data uploads have been provided to keep the data entry flexible and bulk entry possible through the use of excel sheets. This results in enormous time savings. Artech’s web payroll also automates the whole arrear process without any human intervention.

Employee Self Service
Artech ESS (Employee Self Service) is a web based application where employees can view their payroll/reimbursement & other incentives, benefits and leave information.  In Artech ESS, employees also have the ability to view personal information such as: address, contact details, education, work experience, CTC breakup, etc. It allows employees to print their salary and reimbursement slips.

Artech ESS allows employee to declare income tax investment and upload scanned copies of proof. Employee can also view income tax computation for the current financial year. It can help them in tax planning and visibility of future tax deductions.

The same information can be viewed for previous years as well.

Artech ESS also facilitates to define movement plan, missing access card entry (if any access system being used for attendance), team management, organization hierarchy and news/ announcements catalog. Artech ESS allows defining reporting managers and maintaining organization hierarchy at all levels.

To log on to the ESS website, employees must have user ID and password as well as employment information in the system. Artech ESS application is secured as it is accessed over internet by employees and contains their confidential information.

Artech ESS has a comprehensive Leave Management System that streamlines communication between HR and employees and facilitates simple yet efficient management of employee leave. For employees, this system allows them to easily determine their leave availability at any point and request leave online. Managers approve leave online. No trails of paperwork. Managers can also view a leave calendar for their reporting employees to ascertain resource availability of the team at any point.

Artech ESS allows easy administration of leaves through email notifications. Leave application, approval and rejections are communicated through email. It also allows defining auto approval of leaves in case they are not approved in a defined time frame. Leave process is developed to cover all kind of leave rules; however we do anticipate some amount of custom setup base on the requirements.

Timesheet Management System
Artech Timesheet portal keeps the information of each employee’s attendance/ timesheet required for salary processing. Timesheets can either be in format of man month basis or in format of cut off basis.

Timesheet master calendar is defined for the entire year so that when candidate selects the month for timesheet entry, the form populates automatically base on selected category as it should start from a particular date and ends on a particular date considering date of joining. Employee cannot enter timesheet for dates prior to date of joining to the organization.  It also facilitates onsite employees to download timesheet and send for salary process.

Timesheets are locked for further changes once it has been filled and submitted by employees.

HR Help Desk System
Artech eHRMS has also HR Help Desk to handle tickets till the resolution. It has been developed in a way it can be used not only by HR but also by other support departments like IT and Finance. It has all features to handle all concerns of employees.

Salient Features

  • Ticket Category Master -- Define ticket category (different for HR, Finance etc.)
  • Ticket Sub Category
  • Ticket Assignment -- Defining list of people who will be assigned ticket based on the category, sub category, client, and location.
  • Ticket Escalation -- Defining escalation process
  • Raise Ticket -- In HR Help Desk if any employee has some query related to HR process (like policies, forms, leaves etc.), Tax calculation, PF/ESI, Reimbursement etc.
  • Candidate Dashboard for Ticket Status -- Track the status of the ticket raised by employee.
  • Dashboard for Pending Ticket List -- Administrator can view the list of pending ticket list with the status and history of each ticket when clicked.
  • Ticket status for Candidate  (HR Helpdesk)
  • Define escalation chart for Tickets
  • Pending Tickets List
  • Ticket Generated Email -- In HR Help Desk if any employee has some query related to HR process, Tax calculation, Finance or PF/ESI etc.
  • Escalation Mail for Tickets -- For each category and sub category of ticket direct mail list defined

BlueChat Lite
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