Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
To be the ecosystem connecting people, technology and opportunities through applied human intelligence.

Vision Statement
Transforming our world by empowering global businesses through applied human intelligence.

Artech, Turning Values => Into Actions
EMPOWERMENT => We empower individuals and teams to take actions and make decisions. Every team member has a voice and is accountable for their actions and results.
VERSATILITY => We adapt ourselves to lead teams which are diverse in all aspects and focus on aligning every individual to our common goal while effectively managing various thought systems, changing times and evolving business dynamics.
OPENNESS => We believe in diversity and creating a vibrant work-space which practices inclusion of thoughts, ideologies and people.
LEADERSHIP =>- We create leaders out of our team members. Each individual leads by example.
VISIONARY => We have a vision for the organization and actively create our future, in full awareness and understanding of the dynamics of this sector.
EMPATHY => We are fully aware of our responsibility towards society and the world at large. We plan and act in accordance with that responsibility.


At Artech, we believe in:
  • Achieving the highest level of performance, individually and as a team, and providing the highest quality and best value solutions to our clients.
  • Strengthening our relationship with our clients and employees through open communication, mutual respect and loyalty.
  • Following the highest ethical standards in our business operations. We value intellectual honesty and integrity.
  • Understanding our clients' business philosophy and modifying our problem-solving approach to meet their business objectives.
  • The power of action over inaction. We take the initiative to be informed of the newest technologies and trends.
  • The team concept, cooperation and working together with our clients and employees to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Emphasizing a global business perspective and expanding our pool of resources to provide better support to our clients.
  • The professionalism of our employees. They are our greatest resource and we treat them with the consideration and honor worthy of an invaluable asset.

Guiding Principles
Artech's business model pursues operational and strategic direction in the form of sustainable and continuous growth. Artech nurtures its business around five guiding principles that characterize the company's operational approach.

Strategic Client Partnerships -- Sustainable growth feeds on incremental value provided not only at the transactional level but more so at the strategic level. Artech pursues preferred vendor partnerships with clients.

Minimizing Transaction Costs -- Artech strives to keep transaction costs at a minimum by discouraging multiple intermediaries for any transaction. This ensures quality in deliverables and a high level of control.

Optimizing Costs of Delivery -- Artech has worked over the years to optimize the costs of delivery by building a lean and flat organization structure. This structure pursues efficiency of operations by keeping operational costs at a minimum while ensuring faster turnaround time, thereby optimizing and balancing quality, cost and timeline.

Flexibility in Structure -- Along with the ability to serve clients' varying degrees of requirements, flexibility in structure also nurtures an internal sense of creativity and innovation that allows Artech's continuous growth and its clients to experience unparalleled levels of service.

Continuity of Operations -- Artech's operational guidelines were developed to ensure operational continuity. Artech day-to-day operations are regularly backed up and continuously tested for restoration.

Our CSR policy