Career Pathing

Artech is an employer-of-choice for over 7,000 professionals working coast-to-coast across the U.S., India and China. As the company continues to grow at an astonishing rate (over 20% annually since 2000!), we are committed to developing our corporate employees and IT consultants and maintaining relationships with former and current peers while welcoming our newest employees.

IT Consultants
We routinely match our best IT consultants to new assignments. Other IT consultants move on to permanent jobs at our Fortune and Global 500 clients. Artech manages these transitions with great care because of our long-term dedication to our clients and employees-turned-alumni.

Artech IT consultants have talent management specialists (TMS's) assigned to them as part of the company's consultant care program. The TMS will not only help orient you to your assignment but will be there for you should you have any questions or require any additional support.

Corporate Employees
Artech has a robust, core HR staff to support your needs and work with you to determine and develop career growth and enrichment plans. Each employee can avail him/herself to Artech's expertise and direction in order to establish a mid- and/or long-term career path and plan to achieve each and every objective.

There are substantial internal and external training programs and opportunities available as well as tuition reimbursement for ongoing education.

We invite you to view this video, which features Artech employees that rose through the system to become managers and to relocate to the U.S. and other countries.

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