Artech has developed extensive capabilities that support numerous Fortune and Global 500 clients throughout the US, India and China.

The company's IT staff augmentation and consulting, workforce solutions, SOW, and outsourced project services, are delivered via a QMS program that includes ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001 and SEI-CMM certifications. Each Artech service is incumbent on well-documented, step-by-step processes that are part of Artech's Operational Excellence and produce results that are measurable, repeatable and predictable.

Clients have the confidence of knowing that all Artech processes are developed under stringent QMS standards and undergo continuous improvement criteria to meet the challenges of a dynamic, global environment. Clients also have the benefit of engaging Artech for individual staffing, multi-member/team deployment, SOW, and/or outsourced project services.

Quality Policy
To build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with all clients by assuring delivery of quality software products and services, which meet both their stated and implied needs and continuously improve processes for quality enhancements and human resource development.

To implement this policy, Artech operates and maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001 and SEI CMM standards.

The QMS is regularly reviewed for compliance and for its ability to meet established goals for customer satisfaction and company needs.

Artech uses QMS to ensure consistency in deliverables and exceed client expectations. Artech believes that the quality management process involves understanding customers' business environment and the IT dependency of their business processes, including:

  • Competitive business environment and IT adoption
  • Customer support methodology
  • Service levels to customers
  • Employee training
  • Employee retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Cross-training
  • Ongoing evaluation and feedback

Artech measures all of these processes and applies corrective intervention to manage the quality process at its core. We strongly believe, "If something cannot be measured, it cannot be managed."

Artech's processes are defined in its QMS document, which details each process along with a mechanism to verify and validate it. As a part of the verification process, analysts are required to record metrics data. The managers validate the data based on expected results, trends and anticipated outcomes.

Artech's commitment is aimed at sustaining client satisfaction through quality measures and committed approach.

QMS Philosophy
Artech believes quality drives productivity by:

  • Identifying quality requirements
  • Defining quality processes
  • Ensuring quality practices
  • Monitoring quality processes
  • Building up quality metrics
  • Refining quality processes

Artech's documented Quality Management System (QMS) consists of:
  • ETVX Model
  • Quality Assurance Integration
  • Peer Review
  • Management Review
  • Early Diagnosis
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Processes Compliance with ISO 9001, ISO/SEI 27001 and SEI CMM standards

Quality – A Symbol
Quality processes are embedded through the lifecycle of each project—from conception to the various stages of execution. The QMS is implemented in each one of our projects and support groups. A quality professional dedicated to the project team guides them towards process adherence and improvements. We believe in quality through teamwork.

Our processes and methodologies are constantly monitored by the SEPG and upgraded for capability maturity. This process is supported by a proactive quality assurance function and a rigorous system of internal quality audits.

PM Methodology
Artech's Project Management Methodology is intended to promote the delivery of quality products that meet customers' needs and results in projects that are completed on time and within budget. The objective of the methodology is to provide standard methods and guidelines to ensure that projects are conducted in a disciplined, well-managed, and consistent manner. The methodology recognizes that the correct approach to effective project management is good planning and efficient controls implemented through a well-structured project organization.

Artech's Project Management Methodology has been derived from proven techniques "Best Practices" developed through years of experience and industry standards put forth by the Project Management Institute® (PMI). Driven by our aspiration to adopt Software Engineering Institute management standards, Artech's Project Management Methodology has been designed to comply with software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM®) Level 4 goals. Blending the latest technologies with the best industry standards, our Project Management Methodology has been designed with Client and Quality as our primary focus areas.

The methodology is flexible, incorporating the changing needs of the client as well as predicting future changes based on industry trends. Artech believes the key ingredient to its success is customer involvement in the entire project-life cycle. Artech maintains an open-ended approach to its solution while using industry standard tools and methodologies to achieve best results. It is critical that the client is aware of every aspect of the project. To ensure this, Artech proposes a project team, which includes client managers as well as members of the users group.

Artech's internal Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) is involved in continuous process improvement and process risk management. Along with our Quality Assurance (QA) group, our project management process entails developing a knowledge repository and feedback from various projects to enhance understanding of project peculiarities, risks and standards. The SEPG conducts internal knowledge transfer sessions to derive the best practices from various groups and enhance its understanding of the various modules of the project management process. Artech advises its clients on current industry standards and practices enabling revision of existing standards to align with current trends. In order to provide flexibility, Artech will be willing to include client standards and guidelines, as part of the project process. Our risk management process and quality management standards will take these requirements into account in their assessment and reports.

Development Model
Artech's Quality Management System provides an overall guidance to all software services provided by Artech.

Artech's SDLC Methodology
For all projects requiring custom application development, Artech uses its proprietary Software Development Lifecycle Methodology. The methodology is based on industry standards and Artech's own experience of managing software development projects over the last 20 years.

Artech's Maintenance Methodology
For all projects requiring support on maintenance and enhancements to an existing application, Artech uses its proprietary Software Maintenance Methodology. The methodology is based on IT Infrastructure Library standards and Artech's own experience of providing software maintenance support. The focus is on reducing the software maintenance costs by setting up streamlined processes and ensuring proper implementation by monitoring and measuring critical maintenance metrics.

Artech's Testing Methodology
Artech uses its testing methodology on all projects that exclusively require Artech's testing services or require testing as part of the full lifecycle development service.

QMS Initiatives
Artech's initiatives ensure that we remain market-driven, client-focused, and quality-conscious from the moment it identifies a viable opportunity to the moment it achieves complete client satisfaction. Artech's quality initiatives are focused on five essential points:

  • Customer Outreach
  • Product Quality
  • Staff Development
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Administrative Efficiency

With process improvement being a continuous process, Artech has an internal Quality Assurance team that measures and monitors all process compliance. This group, like an external auditor, audits all other internal groups against their approved quality processes. These are designed and approved by our Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG). Results are measured and weighed against approved standards and areas of improvements are suggested.

QMS Action Areas
With certified ISO 9001 development facilities, Artech continuously strives to excel in the following key areas:

Staff Selection, Development & Retention
  • Customer Outreach
  • Product Quality
  • Staff Development
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Administrative Efficiency

Resource Management
  • Customer Outreach
  • Product Quality
  • Staff Development
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Administrative Efficiency

  • Creating a living and substantive business plan
  • Reporting progress against the plan
  • Revising the plan in step with circumstance

Key Metrics
  • Identifying key metrics for major business activities
  • Using these key metrics to frame sound management decisions

  • Pursuing targeted opportunities aggressively
  • Developing world-class proposals
  • Meeting marketing goals

Team Building & Communication
  • Functioning as a cohesive team
  • Ensuring all decisions are made in the best interest of the corporation as a whole

Customer Relations
  • Adopting client commitments and objectives as our own
  • Fostering partnership relationships with clients

  • Completing products
  • Timely deliverables
  • Installing finished systems

  • Understanding one's role as a member of a large, interdependent system
  • Empathizing and giving others what they need to get the job done every day

Integrity, Standards & Recognition
  • Inspiring others to excellence through personal integrity

Process Improvement
  • Institutionalizing best practices
  • Eliminating practices that no longer serve their purpose

QMS Action Areas
SEPG: Software Engineering Process Group has been set-up with the objective of development, review and release of QMS elements (procedures, standards, guidelines, records, checklists, etc.) provide training on QMS, review of defect prevention, technology forecasting and adaptation activities at Artech India.

SC: Steering Committee forms the SEPG, which comprises resources from different functions. The SC reviews SEPG activities to ensure that the organization's standard processes are in line with its business goals, advises on setting priorities for process improvement activities and reviews the process improvement plans.

QAG: Quality Assurance Group verifies the corrective action taken by auditees against NCRs (Non Conformance Reports). It also escalates NCRs to the senior management for review during the steering committee meetings.

PWG: Process Work Group is nominated by SEPG. The objective of this group is to review the specific elements of QMS, against the review criteria defined by SEPG.

TFG: Technology Focus Group is nominated by SEPG. The objective of this group is to develop/evaluate new technology, including tools for a new technology area identified by Artech India for its business needs or for improving the performance of its existing operations.

MG: Metric Group is nominated by SEPG. The objective of this group is to provide definition of measurement, a framework for collecting measurements and methods for analysis. These measurements are used as a basis for estimation to track project progress and to set quantitative goals for future use.

SQAG: Software Quality Assurance Group provides management with appropriate visibility into the process being used and product being built.